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Read all the chapters to keep you informed on how to eat well.

- Chew
- Pace of the meal
- Hydration
- well water
- tap water
- mineral water
- spring water
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Choose a healthy balanced diet is a key factor in the maintaining good health!
So how to eat well?

The answer is simple, except for prescription against eating certain types of foods you must eat everything but in moderation.
You need to vary your meals with fish, vegetables and meat.
However, you will limit the proportion of red meat in favor of the white meat still in it, I do not recommend the pork industry: Indeed, the production of the latter has become so intense, the animals being in such a state of stress at the time of slaughter, that consumption their meat does not seem likely to provide some anything useful to your body ..

And we can even say in general, should be avoided as much as possible, all products original non-traditional, that is to say, those processed, ready employment in white flour and white sugar contributing to undermine your energy.

Moreover, most of them contain too much Salt (soups, frozen dinners etc..), which is dangerous for Health.
Should not exceed 50 mg of salt per day, Unfortunately, this dose being exceeded by far the most consumers.

It's up to you to choose your food patiently seeking distributors who offer you the fresh and good quality.

Health has no price!

And I would add that affects your psyche also directly check the conditions of your life as you can find out by reading other sections of this site.
This is why we must also know indulge occasionally by following their desires.


Digestion used to convert food into absorbable by the body components.
Good health, so it is well digested. But, it begins first with an effective mastication. It is necessary to chew each mouthful at least 20 times to reduce food comparable to a pulp by your stomach. This phase is crucial for predigest sugars and fats. One technique is to chew into the habit of asking his cutlery after each bite to do not be tempted to take a second and then a third and so on.

Chewing is an essential step prior to digestion. Reduced once the food is the food bowl; latter impregnated with a lot of saliva, which thanks to its enzymes will then burst the nutrients protein, fat and carbohydrates and thus encourage their uptake.

Thanks to the benefits of a good chew, you can refine your silhouette or take a little if any weight. Chew well, so it's properly digest and retain Health

How do you want your brain has the ability to manage your digestion if you do not leave him time to study what you eat? Learn to enjoy what we have on our plate ..

It is also a matter of taste and enjoyment!

Needless to say the more you mastiquerez best long will your digestion so you do not heaviness in the stomach, nausea and abdominal bloating. Try to chew your food, you will notice the difference .. We can not emphasize enough:

Although chew, it's health

Pace of the meal

This is one chapter that deserves his attention on how to take his meals.

Today they are often too quickly swallowed and consumed in a climate of stress sources of concern for digestion, nutritional deficiencies, or obesity.

Indeed, the meals must be taken on a slow and calm; Why?

Because your brain needs time to analyze what's in your mouth and you send a signal when you have eaten enough.

When the meal is eaten as a family, this is the perfect time to teach young the rules of social conduct, hygiene and healthy eating ..


Drink of sufficient water is very important for the functioning of the body and this action will prevent other complications such as urinary tract infections, constipation and stone formation.

As you probably know 75% of our body is water, the same proportion that the element between the seas and earth on our planet ..
amazing is not it?

Drink is a natural reflex. You should know that a simple small loss of water around 10% can have serious consequences ..

Given our regular contributions in cash in our diet, it is necessary to drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Of course depending on weather conditions, your health and / or if you are a sport, these amounts be exceeded.

The greater the amount of water absorbed, the more your body eliminate toxins that are accumulated.
What type of water use?
  • well water
  • tap water
  • mineral water
  • spring water

well water

Even if it may seem attractive at first, but it is not recommended because its composition does not remain stable over time.

tap water

It is regrettable, that the analyzes of the latter were little changed versus when the impurities have they increased significantly, such as agricultural products that are discharged in large quantities on the land.

One might also note radioactivity, radon, antibiotics, aluminum and nano-particle that are not measured in controls.

Its composition varies widely depending on location and it is difficult to draw conclusions. Given the advances in treatment of water resources, it does not, however, risks to health.

lack of transparency of its analysis and its chlorinated appearance , however, put off his last supporters ..

mineral water

Its composition predisposes to the therapeutic action on any organ of our body. It is excellent, but will however be reserved for very special treat disease. Apart from specific cases, it is not advisable to hydrate the daily risk of tiring the body.

If however, you want to absolutely consume bottled water regularly, it will then think of varying the brand of your bottle. one must have in mind also that one liter of this product costs a thousand times more than a liter of tap water!

spring water

It is mentioned here, spring water bottling: This water comes from groundwater unpolluted, located deep underground or in some cases protected discharges from industrial activities and human.

This is certainly the best water in the time that has all the characteristics necessary for an almost perfect water:

  • excellent composition
  • balanced
  • preppy
  • affordable

We are big consumers of bottled water with an increase in growth in recent years, the main reason being that people have less confidence in tap water for the reasons mentioned précédememnt.
Eat healthily and drink water without moderation for a pure blood!
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