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The key to happiness

Have you ever watched as someone's life or of a family suddenly changes after overcoming a serious or even tragic event? Overnight, they are radically changing the approach of their existence by giving importance only to essential topics abandoning without regret, the daily worries.
What has then happened in them, so that suddenly they have finally decided to take care of their destinies and to grant only very little interest in things trivial or at least to separate between important events and leave the rest out?

Would they suddenly realized that happiness is sometimes just next?


You may have noticed that my method works and you are now rid of your migraines!

You feel like a free weight on the chest and you're full of energy!
This is the perfect time to give free rein to your desires and implement the project of your dreams:

Have the desire to change his life:

This is the first condition. At first it is a form of dream.
Want to do something, this is the start of construction of a project which can not yet guess its contours.
Shun all forms of proscratination!

Have a project:

This is the second step, more concrete.
We begin to construct ideas, plans etc..
Then it becomes a draft, and then a project:
emphasize family life or professional life?
Comfort or adventure?
His passions or his finances?
Or maybe it is a composition of all this.
Define what you happiness.
You must have the will to do good around you.
This is very important!
Do wrong person!
Your project must be serious, sincere and true!

Have the will to succeed:

It is a state of mind for the future capital.
Without this energy, you can not move forward.

Overcoming his fear:

Do not be afraid! If you are fearful at the thought of doing something you've never done, we will advance not because this apprehension will decrease your ambitions and your powers sclérosera.
Paralyzed, you will not go very far!

Providing the means to reach:

This means thinking about everything you need to get started.
And it is better to start with a very small step, one that will cause you the least expense possible.
Cultivating a creative vision and maintain good health.
Smelling the right opportunity to get started.
Do some doudouspection, but never give up!

Successful start:

Set a first goal, and stick to attain

Stay positive and believe in yourself:

Think success, not failure!
Be firm and do not be disconcerted by the initial difficulties or words of others discouraging you to continue your goal.
Only listen to your determination to succeed in your project.
Take advantage of events if a difficulty arises.
Have faith and work hard.

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