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Read carefully these lines that will make you look behind the scenes your hidden energies, they assuredly can change your life.



view of the solar system, cosmic energy center

our solar system

We do not have much space that surrounds our planet
We are like children to eternity.

Scientists are always looking for the element responsible for 95% of the mass of the universe.

While there are only about twenty years, we had very little information about the cosmos, that Now that astrophysicists have discovered that our universe expansion is and his galaxies move away from each other more and faster with a dark energy which we can not discover the secret of its structure

We also do not know fully what is dark matter composed of, the substance to ensure the balance galaxies.

In addition, over 1200 exoplanetswere seen which currently three of them might be good candidates to be confirmedtwin sisters of the earth.

In fact, we know nothing, or nothing as well said the famous philosopher Socrates ..

So let us show humility and be attentive to our deepest energies..


Breathing is a universal process; This is the very manifestation of the birth of a universe.

We must breathe deeply, trying to have a rhythmic breathing and correct.
The blood circulating in our lungs comes to purify himself by getting oxygen to the cells by rejecting pulmonary carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Rich blood then spreads into the tissues and red blood cells to carry oxygen collected. the latter is released, causing an oxidation destroys organic matter.

tranformation that generates heat essential to the body. So there are really two breaths, one through the lungs and other body tissues.

Today, we tend to breathe shallowly and rapidly, a result, some parts of the lungs trap air remaining and they lose their vitality.

If we want to maintain good health, it is necessary to practice deep breathing and slow. this is called abdominal breathing (or ventral) This is done in two movements:

Make a deep breath through your nose protrude by first and then the adbdomen chest appears by the sternum (very important) and exhalation, the diaphragm relaxes and goes back, the abdomen sags, lungs tighten and chest widens slightly.

these animals do not breathe like us, their rhythms are different ..

"How do you think like a man if you breathe like an animal?

You must breathe, smell and feel the energies that are traded in your body with the air impregnated with light entering your lungs.

This is obviously at this moment that we realize that we are not indifferent beings of nature but as well instead we make a full party;

So this is a vibratory phenomenon that resonates in harmony with our environment.

Le fēng shuǐ

With this ancient Chinese art, we enter the ground floor in China, this great country where traditions ancestral are anchored on the belief and virtue.

Fēng shuǐ literally means "wind and water" It is a discipline whose goal is to harmonize the residences of the living and the dead to get in sync with the cosmic currents of the chosen site, channel the energies of the environmental location, so promote health, happiness and wealth of its occupants. It is indeed a lifestyle in harmony with nature and by extension the entire universe.

This technique is based on the principle that within our body circulates a fluid subtle electromagnetic energy (Chi) developing around seven crucial points (Chakras)

This energy comes into resonance with cosmic currents also from the sun and earth forces from the earth and planets. It is also based on the existence of two opposing forces that are the Yin and Yang.

All these attractions converge to reveal a vital energy both outside and inside us.

The art of feng shuǐ consists precisely in circulate and facilitate exchanges of this force in building harmoniously our immediate environment.

In short, you need to build and organize your living space, so organized, aesthetically pleasing. It is a lifestyle full of finesse and intelligence.

Positive thinking

Every body in this world are moving constantly.

The stars, planets, asteroids, galaxies, galaxy clusters are all in balance and move according to Law of universal gravitation.

We earthlings, are also facing this force.

Oh, I know .. with an earthy, this attraction is infinitesimal and one feels she has not much effect ..

When taking homeopathic medicines, and you notice that they were diluted to hundreds and hundreds of times, you might think rightly they have little effectiveness on you because of their extreme dilutions ..

And yet some of them are very effective, does not it?

This is exactly the same with the attraction mentioned above.

Thought is a vibration , then a strength and as I mentioned in the previous article on Feng Shui all energy is about you and events that affect you.

When making a positive thought , it reflects on you immediately. You feel good and your whole body vibrates on a good wavelength , and contributes to influence events in the direction you want.

This is why one should always think positively.

Another way to live in harmony with the universe!


We now know that our brain is a supercomputer which is believes it is capable of storing 1015 bit about, figure far higher than that can save today's computers.

But tomorrow what will it?

The memory is divided into two zones, the short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM) itself divided into four different parts of both the quality of information stored by their modes of operation.

This is one that allows you to keep for a very short time (few seconds ..) volatile data (such as a phone number etc..).

This is the realm of the conscious, active mental state, transient, that can be expressed by the oral language, writing, drawing, music, by building the physical, mathematical or mechanical.
This is the memory storing all the memories you have stored from birth.

This is the realm of the subconscious consists of:
  • Procedural memory
  • perceptual memory
  • Semantic memory
  • Episodic memory
Procedural memory
All our learning is kept at this location (such as reading and writing etc..)

perceptual memory
This is one that records the information perceived by our senses (like smell, for example)

Semantic memory This is the storage of knowledge about yourself or the world around you.

episodic memory This amazing memory that does not exist in animals can relive elements of the past and also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead. We know little about the mechanisms that interact with these different systems, but what we can be sure that there is a body which establishes a two-way communication between the conscious and the subconscious (perhaps the hippocampus?)

The nervous system is generally divided it into two parts: The central nervous system (CNS) that controls voluntary actions. It includes the brain, consists of the brain, brainstem and cerebellum, and spinal cord.
The autonomic nervous system (VNS) which is the part of the nervous system responsible for automatic functions such as heartbeat, respiration, digestion and sweating etc.. It controls involuntary actions, it contains all the nerve plexus, the main one, the solar plexus is the center of emotions which is attached to the subconscious.

You find here the essential role of breathing..

Apects of a marking of the subconscious is that it does not sort between good and evil. It accepts "raw" data as they are transmitted by the conscious mind.

If conscious vision of departure, is incorrect in any way whatsoever, then the data recorded by the subconscious will also be inaccurate.

The power of your subconscious mind is very important:

It has surely come one day not to remember information; Then you graduate to something else; Some time later, at a time when you least expect it, you get the answer to your question.

This is your subconscious that has started!

It can sometimes bring you answers in minutes, sometimes after several weeks, provided, however, to let him work in peace, once established your thoughts.

We have to surrender ourselves to let go of our fears, losses, torments and desires!

Just like the tree that drops its ripe fruit, bursting with sunshine and seeds leaving, the natural action continue.

Experience easy and fun:

You want to wake up one morning at 7:00 so than usual, you get up at 8:00 by ringing your alarm clock; Do not put your ringer on and ask your subconscious mind that wakes you at 7:00 and automatically wakes you at this very hour!

Your subconscious has retained an impressive amount of information from the day of your birth. It is so vast that it defies the imagination, because it not only stores your data but also everything that happens from the outside.

We can say without exaggeration that this memory knows everything about everything.

Losqu'il Sometimes someone finds a new concept, in fact, is its subconbscient which brings up the pieces the énygme as to the manner of a puzzle, each piece from different origins.
The intuition enabling him to assemble them in the correct order.

One can therefore speak, collective unconscious or universal mind.

It is therefore necessary to program your subconscious so that you provide answers that go in the direction you want.

The subconscious must be mastered if it is he who commands you and tells you your driving!
In this area, some have developed effective techniques as Emotionnal Freedom Technique (EFT) to tame the subconscious with simple gestures ..
A way as any to teach him good manners somehow!

How do we program the subconscious in general?

By thought

When it receives negative thoughts from you or unconsciously by your immediate environment, you beget negative processes such as illness or failure in your life. When on the contrary, it receives pulses beneficial, it produces positive effects such as health, wealth, peace and love.

You find here the principle of positive thinking ..

There are countless people who at some point in their lives suddenly decide to accomplish any mission which was at heart and despite all the roadblocks and difficulties presenting to them, nevertheless managed to achieve their goals.

Happiness and unhappiness are the descendants of the same energy , a secret force, a potential at the heart of each person.

The subconscious is the mirror of your consciousness , an amazing tool indefatigable you can use at will, when you and wish to make interface between your physical and mental states.

So do not hesitate to use it!


This is a complex event to define because it does not meet the same criteria as those who love the subconscious discussed in the previous chapter.

Indeed, intuition is a fact that surprises suddenly your conscious and you do that without the slightest effort to understand, you seems obvious.
And just for this very short period of time, you feel good, calm your soul as if you had forwarded an idea ..

For this sensation occurs as if your brain is put into action but only by using the surface layers of his memoirs and he was anxious to synthesize something urgent but without resorting to deep layers of your subconscious.
You do not need to analyze this information because you know immediately that it is good for you!

And besides, if you start to ask questions and you begin to doubt her, is that you already are challenging and inevitably you pick outside aid. And at that point, you can be sure that your intuition does not hold water ..

Have you noticed that some people have the ability to be always in the right place at the right time and that they always take the right decision!

Many situations can trigger this particular phenomenon, eg, the voice of a person, the sound of a melody, the sight of a landscape, the caress of the wind or simply eating a delicious dessert etc..
So this is a faculty of the mind that is not based on reason.

This episode is different from that experienced by Abraham Lincoln, former President of the United States, which has a premonitory dream of his assassination actually occurred three days later; Distinct also found that the prophecies of Nostradamus, who practiced foresight predicting very serious events, dated with greater precision and this sometimes four centuries before their appearances. The intuition which we know absolutely none of the mechanisms on a scientific level, is difficult to control.

Women during childbirth develop amazing provisions allowing them to know exactly what their baby calls at any time.

It is perhaps this context is the origin of what is commonly called "women's intuition".

It seems he can use it as a method of approach to choose a medicine for treating ailments.

This is actually a way of thinking based on elements visible at first glance that cognitive psychology called "quick and simple" but not without difficulty ..

Some speak of 6th Sense mystical connotation ...

This extra-lucidity, drawing on your unconscious, occurs within seconds of incredible fruit synthesis between the times of which have lived accumulated during your life and do not necessarily have a priori links between them.

And sometimes it works, and it is even very effective!

The question is to know when to rely on it ..
Master the energies to ensure our well-being!
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