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Read the rewarding properties offered by these products.


Natural Products


Our society by his thirst for unbridled production and consumption changed little by little our behavior.
We distanced ourselves from nature, which nevertheless shows us forever the way forward, that of the slow and wisdom, with infinite grace and beauty.
Walk in a forest, surrounded by ancient trees, on a modest path winding among these friendly hosts and grandiose who protect us.

Just put out a little of the city and its roar, and turn to this framework immutable, solid, quiet and calm in order to find the harmony that has evaporated from our lives ..
Enveloped by its protective mantle, the forest gives us serenity and calm we so need.

Everything is present here between vegetable and animal, for us to enjoy this area of ​​peace and rest.
The sounds of birds, branches and streams soothe us because they are not aggressive.
On the contrary, these whispers make us happy, we wonder and help us relax.

We lost our bearings as to relax and stroll outdoors.
We no longer live in harmony with the seasons ...
Lie back, look, listen silence and admire the great spectacle of nature.
Observe, trees, plants, insects and breathe the scent of flowers or indulge in gardening if you prefer.

Take the opportunity to breathe deeply and fill up oxygen.
In a word live in harmony with the earth and its fruits you use it generously offers to you.


Everyone knows this old vegetable thousands of years?

Consumed in any form you will be an asset due to its composition rich in vitamins and natural antibiotics.

Garlic is not caloric, you can eat in most dishes especially since it also has diuretic properties.

It also participates in the fight against aging, hypertension and could prevent the risk of developing of certain cancers, such as that of stomach or colon.

It's really a great product and according to legend would protect him from evil spirits and lend, it seems of aphrodisiac!


Everyone knows the lacrimal reactions of oigon although of course these are not the most interesting ..
Crying when peeling them, it's something!
But what flavor!

and like garlic, it has some amazing capabilities, to fight against all kinds of infections and in particular those concerning the urinary system and prostate.

It is a product to consume regularly.

It is also vitamin and has many minerals whose phosphorus and iron etc..

A very good candidate to keep you fit!

Olive oil

The virgin olive oil from first cold pressing is truly a flagship, a blessing of nature ..

It can be eaten hot or cold (as it is quite stable when cooked) thereby benefit from its richness in vitamins.

it contains many fatty acids (this is an interesting contribution to the body which does not manufacture) and has many properties cardiovascular, anti-cholesterol, and contributes to the fight against certain cancers etc..

Also entering into the composition of a large number of preparations for body care , it is used nowadays, and has regularly won its spurs, some oils have been classified into appellation of origin(AOC)

Do you know how to recognize a good olive oil
We must place a small amount in the refrigerator and if after a few hours it becomes solid when you probably to do with oil quality and if not, the ingredient that you have is unlikely to be famous.


The Eternal said to Moses, "Come up to the land flowing with milk and honey."
This is of course the food bees!
A true miracle of nature!

This is a complex product, perfectly clean and healthy with a large amount of vital substances giving it up predominant in preventive and curative medicine. Countless the benefits of this wonderful product which bears love it ..

Less calories that the sugar house and with a higher sweetening power, it allows particularly effective fight against bacterial infections and accelerates the healing fabrics and wounds.

Coarse sea salt

Coarse salt versus table salt which has undergone some treatments .. As always, it is better to prefer unprocessed or having undergone no treatment.

Good or bad for health?

Not easy to answer .. it lowers blood pressure but if eaten too?

Salt is useful or even essential, however, but small amounts. It's like anything, not too much need!

However, for external use, it is excellent for making scrubs the skin and défatiguer practicing footbaths.

This is certainly one of the best known remedies that can also fight rheumatism, nervous tension and stress.


This is certainly one of the most extraordinary and also paradoxically one of the least used and perhaps not well known.
A few reminders:

This fluid is obtained during the milk clotting. Part becomes solid, the casein and another liquid: whey or whey.

It contains a wonderful substance that is lactose easily assimilated by the body and therefore a good source of energy.

But that's not all!

It promotes digestion and allows the absorption of calcium , phosphorus , the potassium and Magnesium and rebalancing intestinal flora.

Very low in calorie and mineral rich, it helps eliminate toxins and improves the functioning of liver.

It limits the water retention and improves kidney function.

Whey cure can definitely make a vital contribution in improving health.

The only difficulty in the use of this extract is quite remarkable its instability:

Indeed, it keeps very badly and degrades within a few hours ..

It is therefore important to eat very quickly and if possible immediately after its manufacture.

You can also set up in yourself very easily with yogurt or making curdle raw milk.

And to think, that there are only a few decades, we gave food to the pigs

Baking soda

Another natural element essential that everyone should have on hand

This white powder that looks like nothing and should not be confused with calcium carbonate or caustic soda turns out to have numerous advantages both for domestic use pharmaceutical.

There are countless areas where it can be used perfectly.
A few examples among many,
Product cleaning the house:
unblocker, cleaner, descaler, deodorant, weeding, or stain can be used as toothpaste , treat poor digestion, an upset stomach or simply eliminate heartburn etc..

Green clay

And the last on the list which is the only one having only external use .. Although on the latter point, it's not entirely true, because you can drink the overflowa settling an entire night of a small quantity of this product diluted in a glass of water to make a real cleansing the body from the inside.

Green clay is the material most interesting and most pure compared to other types of materials of the same name as the latter is extracted from sedimentary rocks located deep preserving the pollution due to human activities.

The virtues of this miraculous material are almost innumerable on hair, face, skin and to practice a range of beauty treatments etc.. It allows among others to treat infected wounds ,soothe pain and reduce inflammation.

A great product!
Use these products daily to maintain good health!
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